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Taos Hum: Soma Hut
For those nights when pizza just won't do.

Taos Hum: Hot Musa

Taos Hum: Motha Su (aka Loud Su)
Su me.

Taos Hum: A hot sum
Greater than some of their parts.

Taos Hum: Umo Shat
And it was golden.

Taos Hum: A Smut Ho
Pimping themselves for your pleasure.

Taos Hum: Tao's Hum

Taos Hum: Hot Maus
It's not quite tuna.

Taos Hum: Uma shot
You gotta stab it, stab it into the heart.

Taos Hum: Oahu Mts

Taos Hum: Oust ham
End the tyranny!

Taos Hum: a.m. shout
Where the hell is my pancreas!?! That bitch!!!

Taos Hum: Thus Mao
History explained.

Taos Hum: Oat mush
Easy on your dentures.

Taos Hum: OSHA Tum
In lieu of genuine workplace protection, please enjoy this soothing antacid.

Taos Hum: Oh, a must!
Our highest recommendation.

Taos Hum: To a mush
Dance vigorously, until desired consistency is achieved.

Taos Hum: As mouth
If you could come back as just one body part...

Taos Hum: Uh... moats?
Any idea how we can fend off all these damn groupies?

Taos Hum: South, Ma.
What Robert Falcon Scott told his mother when she asked where he was going.

Taos Hum: So, uh... ATM?
Sorry, we do not accept Visa, MasterCard, Diner's Club, AmEx, or personal checks.

Taos Hum: At Shmo U.
Where even you can be a big man on campus.

For booking information, call (415)740-9254 or send an email to bookings@taoshum.com.

Thanks to Rolling Moss for a number of abouts...

Taos Hum. Dendritically speaking.

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